About Us

The Big LAN is a non-profit, Melbourne based community LAN party and currently the largest LAN event in Australia. Our aim is to run community events for gamers that encourage them to come together, meet like-minded people face-to-face, and form long-term friendships in a casual atmosphere. The Big LAN was founded in 2019 by a group of friends who saw a need for a classic ‘LAN Party’, which quickly grew into an event supported by Mitcham Baptist Church, local council, and numerous local businesses. We are also the only large-scale 18+ LAN in Melbourne, with additional kids and teens events coming soon.

The Big LAN events balance eSports style tournaments with beginner friendly formats to allow you to play no matter your skill level. Each event has a selection of sides and extras including Lego and art tables, VR, board and card games, and crowd favourites like the now famous "Dice Game" and "Mouse Toss".

Meet the team

The Big LAN core team is a dedicated group of volunteers who wanted to share their love of gaming through their backgrounds in IT, engineering, customer service, and marketing.


The Big LAN ideas man. Jacob does all the leg work with venues, sponsors, attendees, and our amazing volunteers to make The Big LAN happen.


If it has The Big LAN logo on it, he probably built it. Tech lead and network admin for each event, Bryan delivers the promises that Jacob makes.


Tech support and general assistant. Sam can be found at the tech desk or patrolling the events with a choccy milk never far from his reach.


He'll check you into the event and wheel and deal you a steal at the tuck shop. Mitch is our admin extraordinaire!


LAN mascot, fan favorite, and all round top bloke, watch out for The Big LAN Rhino hyping the raffle and working the room at all our Mitcham events.


We're helped out come LAN day by amazing volunteers who make this all possible.

Games we play

The games we play at each event adjust based on user feedback and the requests of our venues. Many of the games we've run before are shown above, and the list is constantly growing!

Hardware Removal Services

We're able to expand our events and make them more accessable to more people through the donation of your old ICT equipment! Computers and displays may be used for:

  • Upgrading into gaming PCs to be lent to participants at events.
  • Running displays advertising our partnered charities or sponsors.
  • Running file or game servers at events.
  • Spare parts to support and maintain our existing fleet of equipment.
For any equipment we collect we will ensure that all memory is wiped clean including a complete reformat of any included hard drives or SSDs and remove all asset tagging or otherwise identifying information.

If the equipment is found suitable for use at our events it will be cleaned and refurbished for use and/or parted out for use in other devices. If we cannot use the equipment it will instead be disposed of in line with local laws and recycled where possible.
We can collect:

  • Desktop PCs (either working or for spare parts)
  • Laptops (must be working and in good condition)
  • Monitors (must be working and in good condition)
  • Power cables
  • Display cables, especially HDMI and Display Port
  • Keyboards and mice
  • Network cables
  • Network switches and general network infrastructure

Please note The Big LAN may opt to not take equipment in the first instance if we determine it cannot be used for any of our purposes, however as part of our ongoing commitment to community engagement we endeavour to always reuse and recycle equipment amongst participants and interested parties rather than disposal.
For further information please contact us at info@thebiglan.com.

Rental Equipment

More than just a LAN, we can bring an array of equipment to any event we run. Ask us about your specific needs by emailing us at info@thebiglan.com.

Premium Rental PC

Featuring parts from our sponsors including AMD's 3700X CPU, Gigabyte Aorus GTX3060 or RX6600, and the CoolerMaster NR200P case!

To purchase a Premium Rental PC for an upcoming event just select a Premium Rent-a-PC ticket (limited availability).

Premium Rental PC

Classic Rental PC

A 6th Gen Intel i7 paired with an Nvidia GTX1650 means out PCs are perfect for you to compete with on esports settings at 1080p.

To purchase a Rental PC for an upcoming event just select a Rent-a-PC ticket (limited availability).

Rental PC

A Complete VR Experience

The Big LAN has a full set of base stations, controllers, and all the extra gear to run a complete and immersive VR experience thanks to HTC and Zotac. At every event we can setup and manage free play VR games anyone can enjoy including all your VR favourites.


Screens & Displays

We have an array of monitors for gaming setups, displays, adverstising, and anything else you need. From 24" Dell monitors creating status displays to AOC high refresh rate gaming monitors and Prism+ ultrawides for immersive experiences, our collection of displays is always growing.


New Events

Do you represent a community center, church, special interest group, or similar organisation? Do you have a venue with power and internet that can house 50+ people? Get in touch with The Big LAN at info@thebiglan.com and we can craft a new event to suit your audience!


The Big LAN is proud to work with some of the biggest names in PC hardware and gaming peripherals to bring you fantastic prizes and engaging displays at every event.

If you'd like to learn more about becoming a sponsor contact us via jacob@thebiglan.com. We'll send you a sponsor pack detailing all the ways you can get involved and how The Big LAN's audience can grow your brand.