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Tournament Rules

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Age of Empires Doubles


  1. Brackets:
    * Single Elimination Bracket, Teams of 2

  2. Host:
    * A player from each round will be responsible for setting up the server with the correct settings.

  3. Lobby Settings
    * Lobby Name: The Big LAN #[1/2/3]
    * Visibility: Public
    * Players: 4
    * Set Password: biglan
    * Allow Spectators: Yes
    * Hide Civilizations: Yes
    * Spectator Day: None
    * Server: Local LAN
    * Data Mod: Definitive Set

  4. Game Settings
    * Game Mode: Random Map
    * Map Style: Standard
    * Location: Random Land Map
    * Map Size: 4 Player
    * AI Difficulty: Hardest
    * Resources: Standard
    * Population: 200
    * Game Speed: Standard
    * Reveal Map: Normal
    * Starting Age: Standard
    * Ending Age: Standard
    * Treaty Length: <None>
    * Victory: Time limit
    * Time: (1:00 hr)
    * Lock Teams: Yes
    * Team Together: Yes
    * Team Positions: No
    * Shared Exploration: No
    * Lock Speed: Yes
    * Allow Cheats: No
    * Turbo Mode: No
    * Full Tech Tree: No
    * Record Game: Yes

  5. Pausing
    A game can be paused by either team in the following circumstances:

    * Server instability that cause clients to disconnect from the game.
    * A player's client crashes or fails to load at the start of the game.
    * If a single player is having client issues. A player may use a different computer if they continue to have client issues.

    Players should not abuse the pausing feature. A match should not be paused for more than 5 minutes.
    A game can not be paused more than 3 times in total. In rare circumstances a game remake may be considered.

    NOTE: The player that paused the game, must give notice before resuming the game.

  6. Game Remake
    Players can opt to remake a game during the first 10 minutes of the match with approval of the tournament admin.

Live Results

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