Local File Server
(only available on the local network at the event)

All games supported by tournaments at this event, where possible, are preloaded onto the network cache for fast download. All precached games are also compressed and loaded onto the file server for manual installation.
If you need to download a game that is not supported (and has not already been downloaded and therefore cached by someone else) your internet speed will be limited to ensure everyone is able to continue playing.

When using the network as provided, please be considerate of your fellow gamers and obey the following rules:
1. To save bandwidth, please do not watch video content or stream your own. Most websites for this are blocked.
2. Likewise, while we do provide wifi, please limit the number of devices you have connected. The wifi is for devices used for network gaming only.
3. Do not attempt to access any other system on the network that you do not own besides this file server. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
4. While we have made efforts to create a safe and secure network, please ensure you follow best practices for a public network including an up to date anti-virus.

Any issues, concerns, or questions, head to the Tech Desk!