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Terms and conditions:
1. Any drugs or alcohol you bring into the event will be confiscated.
2. The Big LAN reserves the right to request you leave at any time and to contact the authorities for any unlawful behaviour.
3. You may be held liable for any damage you cause to property belonging to The Big LAN or Mitcham Baptist Church.
4. Photos that are taken at The Big LAN may be shared on social media.
5. You agree to avoid anti-social or disrespectful behaviour. You also agree to respect any rules and directives given by staff of The Big LAN.
6. You agree not to have any explicit content on your screen, PC, or peripherals while on premises.
7. You agree to abide by any rules and entry requirements set by the venue.

The Big LAN's main event is an 18+ event, however some of our side events (including speedcubing) are open to younger players if they have parent or guardian supervision for the entire duration.

Please fill out the form below and show the resulting email to the staff at check in, or you can fill it out when you arrive. Please note this form must be resubmitted per each event.