The Big LAN Beaconsfield 2

June 3rd 2023

The Big LAN Beaconsfield 2

June 3rd 2023

The Big LAN is heading back to Beaconsfield, the home of Christmas LANs, and we won't let the wrong month stop us! This is a 48 player day of gaming filled with tournaments and side events. Bring along your PC and plug into our network for 9 hours of gaming goodness with loads of prizes.

18+ only. This is a drug and alcohol free event. Only power points and network access is provided (including network cables), please bring your full PC (including monitor, display cables, and power cables) or laptop.

7 Desmond Ct, Beaconsfield VIC 3807

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to everyone who attended!


Legend: BYO PC Tournament, Console Tournament, AFK. End times are estimates only and dependent on number of entrants. Additional tournaments and games will be run ad-hoc depending on attendance

Halo: Custom Edition

Default Start - 50 Kills or 30 Mins
Free for All
16 Players per Game
Single Elimination Brackets
Number of players progressing per round will depend on the total number of players

You can download Halo Custom Edition here while on The Big LAN network.
For help installing, troubleshooting, and joining the game, check our help page.


Halo: Infinite

Halo Infinite FFA Slayer

Warm Up / Minor Prize only
24 player FFA Slayer.
Top few players of each server will progress to a final round, dependant on number of entrants

Halo Infinite Escalation

FFA Escalation.
New to Halo, work your way up a ladder of weapon pairs by killing opposing players. First to score a kill with the final weapon (the Oddball) wins!
Each pair of weapons in Escalation Slayer are unlocked in the same order. Each weapon loadout also comes with equipment.
Melee kills count towards progression.
Top few players of each server will progress to a final round, dependant on number of entrants


Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Arms Race

Max 32 Players per Game
Number of players progressing per round will depend on the total number of players
Please listen carefully to the organisers for direction on which server you should join.
For help joining the game check our help page.


Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition

Age of Empires FFA Regicide


Single Elimination Bracket


A player from each round will be responsible for setting up the server with the correct settings.

Lobby Settings

Lobby Name: The Big LAN #[1/2/3]
Visibility: Public
Players: 8
Set Password: biglan
Allow Spectators: Yes
Hide Civilizations: Yes
Spectator Day: None
Server: Local LAN
Data Mod: Definitive Set

Game Settings

Game Mode: Regicide
Map Style: Standard
Location: Random Map (Land Maps & Water Maps)
Map Size: Giant
AI Difficulty: Hardest
Resources: Standard
Population: 200
Game Speed: Standard
Reveal Map: Normal

Starting Age: Standard
Ending Age: Standard
Treaty Length: <None>
Lock Teams: No
Team Together: Yes
Team Positions: No
Shared Exploration: No
Lock Speed: Yes
Allow Cheats: No
Turbo Mode: No
Full Tech Tree: No
Record Game: Yes


A game can be paused by any player in the following circumstances:

1. Server instability that cause clients to disconnect from the game.
2. A player's client crashes or fails to load at the start of the game.
3. If a single player is having client issues. A player may use a different computer if they continue to have client issues.

Players should not abuse the pausing feature. A match should not be paused for more than 5 minutes.
A game can not be paused more than 3 times in total. In rare circumstances a game remake may be considered.

NOTE: The player that paused the game must give notice before resuming the game.

Game Remake

Players can opt to remake a game during the first 10 minutes of the match with approval of the tournament admin.

Tips & Help

Joining a LAN game

1. Select "Multiplayer" on the main menu
2. Select "Join Custom Game" at the top right of the menu
3. Select the "Server" drop down on the top right and select the bottom option, "LAN"
4. Select the game from the list and then click "Join Lobby"

No games in the LAN lobby
1. Make sure the game is allowed through your firewall
2. Try switching TheBigLAN network to "Private" rather than "Public" by selecting "Network & Internet Settings" under the network option from the task bar, selecting TheBigLAN, and choosing "Private".
3. Try connecting directly to the server via a Steam invite from another player. The tech desk will be able to help you do this.


Collisions and jumps on, it's the pure chaos of golf with your friends!


Rocket League

Rocket League Doubles

Single Elimination Tournament
Entry welcome on all hardware types and all controller types (BYO PC ticket required to enter)

Game Mode: SOCCAR
Team Size: 2v2
Bot Difficulty: NO BOTS


Preset Settings: CUSTOM
Match Length: 5 MINUTES
Series Length: 3 GAMES
Game Speed: DEFAULT
Ball Max Speed: DEFAULT
Ball Type: DEFAULT
Ball Size: DEFAULT
Ball Bounciness: DEFAULT
Boost Amount: DEFAULT
Rumble: NONE
Boost Strength: 1X
Gravity: DEFAULT
Demolist: DEFAULT
Respawn Time: 3 SECONDS


Retro Cycles

FFA - Last player standing!

In Retrocycles, you ride a bizarre vehicle that can never stop and leaves a deadly trail behind. In the most basic game mode, you can only make sudden right angle turns and are trapped with others in an inescapable arena. The last survivor wins!



FFA Random Map - 10 min timer - Default plane only

Blast your way across the cartoon skies in this fast-paced game of aerial combat. Altitude combines Call-of-Duty style perks with the gameplay variety of Team Fortress 2 in a fresh multiplayer experience.


Multiplayer Tetris! Play Tetris against the whole room, add blocks to other players by getting a tetris!
We recommend downloading the offline Desktop version here, else you can play the game in browser at


Mario Kart 8

BYO controller preferred. Consoles, screens, and spare controllers provided.

Format: Single Elimation
Knockout Rounds: 4 Race GP

Controller Type: Any
Character: Any
Vehicles: Any (Please Note: Not all Vehicle parts may be available)
Mode: VS
Race Class: 150cc
Teams: OFF
Items: Normal
Items CPU: ON
CPU Level: Hard
Courses: Random (Included DLC Tracks)
Smart Steering: OFF
Auto-accelerate: OFF
Motion Controls: OFF
Shortcuts: Allowed
Glitchcuts: Banned
Cheats: Banned
Glitches: Banned


Ruthless Conquest

Send the fleet to capture planets and expand your empire, until you vanquish them all! Completely free, tiny download, join us in trying out the next big LAN game. 6 players per game FFA. Works on mobile via the Wi-Fi as well!



It's our biggest game of trivia ever! 40 new and diverse questions across the history of video games, join the action here and play along on your phone. Get the right answer the fastest for the most points.


The Famous Dice Game

A battle royale with dice!

Line up and roll the dice, can you roll high enough to make it to the next round? Make it through a full set of D&D dice in a game of pure chance skill!