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Mitcham, Victoria
13th April 2024

Head on back to Mitcham for our 12th event, The Big LAN 12! Lots of surprises and new events to be announced alongside all your favouriten tournaments including Rocket League, Halo, Counter Strike 2, and Mario Kart! Details will be released through March, tickets available now!


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About Us

The Big LAN is a non-profit, Melbourne based community LAN party and currently the largest LAN event in Australia. Players bring along their consoles or PCs (or rent one from us) and play in tournaments of their favourite games.

Each event offers a range of games from the staples like Rocket League, Counter Strike, Age of Empires, Tetris, Star Craft, Mario Kart, and Halo, through to up and coming or old favourites like Altitude, Retro Cycles, Pokemon Stadium, and Tricky Towers.

The Big LAN events balance eSports style tournaments with beginner friendly formats to allow you to play no matter your skill level. Each event has a selection of sides and extras including Lego and art tables, VR, board and card games, and crowd favourites like the now famous "Dice Game" and "Mouse Toss".

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Bonus Event

TGX Promo
The Games Expo Logo

Docklands, Victoria
23rd-24th March 2024

The Big LAN is excited to be working with The Games Expo to make their second event bigger than ever. Come join us in the High Score Arcade to show off your skills and get the best score possible and win prizes!

The Games Expo Logo